Falmouth Rod and Gun Club



The Falmouth Rod and Gun Club is one of the largest private property owners in Falmouth and Mashpee with over 200 acres under its care including the recent addition of the Farley Bog.   The bulk of those acres are in a conservation easement which ensures that the property remains as open space in perpetuity.   Our club has the only existing conservation easment in the town of Mashpee.  

A section of the property was formed in 1985 and named The Charles T. Eastman Wildlife Habitat.   This is over 100 acres with a 1 mile road encircling the parcel and consists of 18 different fields.   Each year 4-5 fields are planted with seed head (grasses, wild bird mix) and a mixture of green (clover, small bernect).   On the property there are apple and fruit trees which are maintained to sustain wildlife.   Members collect leaves and grass which gets composted and distributed.   The fields are mowed periodically, and brush encroachment is removed to maintain field perimeters.  

Childs River passes through our property, then through town property to the ocean.   Club members traverse from the mouth of the Childs River to the Farley Bog to clean up debris and river obstructions to keep the water flowing so that herring can travel to spawn in the twin ponds.  

Falmouth Rod and Gun Club is committed to wildlife and environmental protection of natural resources.