Falmouth Rod and Gun Club


Article 101 : Falmouth Conservation Commission

Article 101
Annual Town Meeting
Falmouth, Massachusetts
March 7, 1961

Article 101. To see it the Town will vote to accept the provisions of Section 8C of Chapter 40 of the General Laws, as inserted by Chapter 223 of the Acts of 1957; and the provisions of Clause (51) of said Chapter 40, as inserted by the same Act; and as amended by Chapter 208 of the Acts of 1959; providing for the establishment, maintenance and operation of a conservation commission.   The Board of Selectmen are hereby authorized and directed to appoint a commission composed of five members within 30 days of the acceptance of this article.   The commission may establish a conservation fund and for the purpose of said commission may expend therefrom the sum of two hundred and fifty dollars which is hereby appropriated thereto.

On request of the Falmouth Rod and Gun Club, Inc.,
Henry W. Parker, President.

Passed by unanimous vote, a quorum being present on March 7, 1961.